Drummer of Antigama and Infinite Visions
Former Drummer of Vader
Former Live Drummer of Belphegor and Decapitated
Session Musician and Educator



1985 - Birth
1992 - Started attending the State Music School in my hometown of Świdnik, Poland in the Piano class.
1996 - I switched my main instrument to drums and continued my musical education for one more year before a longer break
2001 - I regained interest in drumming and started to learn on my own
2002 - I started taking private lessons with Tomasz Deutryk who would shape my technique and style over the next couple of years. Later that year I founded my first band „INTERIOR” with my friend Paweł Jatczak.
2004 - I joined my first death metal band „Soul Snatcher” and started learning to play this style of music.
2005 - INTERIOR recorded it’s first demo „Promo Only”
2006 - I played my first Polish tour with the band „Hell-Born”
2007 - Soul Snatcher recorded and self released the first demo „Pylons of Dispersion” and Hell-Born recorded „Darkness” which was my first professional studio session. Later this year I went on my first tour outside of my home country with „Crionics” which I joined right before.
2008 - I joined the Warsaw Rock/Metal band „Rootwater” with whom I recorded the highly acclaimed„Visionism” album. At the end of the year I joined „Vader” replacing Dariusz Brzozowski. In September I played my first tour with the band.
2009 - I recorded drums for Vader’s „Necropolis” album marking the band’s signing to Nuclear Blast Records. That brought Vader a nomination for the Polish phonographic industry „Fryderyk” award in the "album of the year in metal” category. Later that year I recorded Crionics’ „NOIR EP”
2010 - I spent most of the year touring with Vader and Crionics.
2011 - I recorded Vader’s „Welcome to the Morbid Reich” which hit the 6th place on the Polish national charts (OLiS). The material was also listed on music charts in Germany, Switzerland, France and the United States. In 2012, Vader received „Fryderyk” in the „Album of the Year in Metal” category for the mentioned release. After recording the album I left the band. Soon after joined „Thy Disease” and Christ Agony.
2012 - I started working with Dimmu Borgir as a drumtech, joined Antigama and briefly joined Lost Soul. At the end of the year I left Thy Disease and Christ Agony. Crionics disbanded that year as well. I joined Decapitated as a live musician around summer and went on my first Asian tour with them in September. Antigama recorded „Stop the chaos” - my debut in the band’s ranks.
2013 - I left Decapitated in October and started working with Hate at the very end of the year. Antigama recorded Meteor - one of the bands most popular releases to date.
2014 - I recorded my debut for Hate - „Crusade Zero”. and toured with Hate and Antigama. I also did a number of session recordings.
2015 - Antigama records „The Insolent” and embarks on a US tour. Hate starts working on the 2nd album with me in the lineup. I start recording a series of workshops for the biggest Polish drum magazine „Perkusista”. This was continued for the next 2 years.
2016 - I recorded drums for Hate’s „Tremendum” among other session recordings. I joined Obscure Sphinx as a session member.
2018 - Antigama records „Depressant EP”, Hate completes „Auric Gates of Veles” which was released by Metal Blade Records.
2019 -  I started working as a live drummer with Belphegor. I also recorded drums for the new Obscure Sphinx record .

2020 - Antigama is working on a new LP. I joined the newly formed „Timo Tolkki’s Infinite Visions” as a permanent member and started working on their debut material. Obscure Sphinx released a live DVD with me behind the kit.



Over the years, I had the privilege of working on several albums with various musicians.
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Here you’ll find everything I use to record and perform, ranging from Cymbals, through Drums and Hardware to Electronics and triggers and Sticks.
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Tama Starclassic Bubinga in Silver Snow Racing Stripe

The Starclassic Bubinga is discontinued  you can find the currently available models here

* 8”x6” Tom
* 8”x7” Tom
* 10”x8 Tom
* 12”x9” Tom
* 14”x11” Tom
* 14”x12” Floor Tom
* 16”x14” Floor Tom
* 18”x16” Floor Tom
* 2x 22”x18” Bass Drum
* 14”x6” Starphonic Steel Snare 
10”x5,5” Metalworks Steel Snare 






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